6 Tricks to Help You Sleep Better Every Night

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We’re always looking for new and creative ways to help us get a better night’s sleep, especially in the summer months when unbearable heat can make it particularly rough to doze off. If you’re one of those people who struggle to get a restful sleep every night, then it’s time to change things up. Here are some pretty simple tricks to help you get that good night of restful sleep that you’ve been dreaming (not literally, unfortunately) of.

Don’t take a nap.

You may be completely exhausted from your lack of sleep the night before, but that doesn’t mean that you should give into that urge to take a little catnap in the middle of the day. That quick midday snooze may feel like just what you need at the time, but it could also be what’s preventing you from staying asleep at night. Instead, try to find something that can help boost your energy naturally during the day to power you through, and then getting your sleep schedule on track by hitting the hay earlier tonight.

Read a book.

Everyone loves a good book, so instead of having your eyes glued to your Instagram feed or your friends’ Snapchat stories before turning in for the night, crack open a good read to help your body power down at the end of the day. Tuning tech out an hour or two before bed for different pre-bed rituals like reading is one way to make sure that you sleep well through the night.

Don’t drink alcohol too close to bedtime.

We know, we know: that end-of-the-day glass of vino is one of the biggest things you look forward to after a long day. But although wine makes you pass out fast (and hard), it doesn’t really give you a chance to drift off into the deep sleep that your body needs to recover from the day before. That means that more often than not, a nightcap too close to bedtime means a long night of tossing and turning. If you’re someone that looks forward to that glass (or, glasses) of wine after work every day, try to drink it around dinnertime so that you can fall asleep, and stay asleep, when the time comes.

Take a shower.

Taking a warm shower before bed loosens your muscles up and makes you feel a lot more relaxed. Showers are especially important at night if you’re battling allergies or a cold, since the steam from the hot shower will clear your sinuses and help you breathe better when you’re laying in bed at night.

Stay active during the day.

It doesn’t have to be a whole exercise routine. Whether you’re out and about running errands or going for a walk at your local park, keeping yourself off the couch and moving will ultimately make you sleepy and help you crash at night.

Crank that air conditioner.

Studies have shown that the temperatures that give you the best sleep are between 65 and 72 degrees. So when you’re setting your thermostat for optimal sleep, opt for cooler temperatures that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep with ease. No air conditioning? No problem. Just invest in a a good fan or two to keep you feeling a little cooled down at night, and that should help do the trick just the same.

Tried every trick in the book (or, you know, this list) and still suffering from restless nights? It may be time to try something new. The all-natural sleep drink reBloom helps you get the sleep you want and need every night, whatever the cause of your restlessness may be. 


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