7 Super Easy Money-Saving Tips You Should Already Be Doing

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Saving money can be a daunting task. But since we’re all just trying to stretch our dollar as far as it can go, here are a few simple and resourceful ways to save a few bucks here and there. Each of these tricks may not amount to much right away, but is sure to add up over time.

Use the 30-day rule.

It can be easy to want to spend lots of money on fun, big purchases. But with big spends, you should try to think about the purchase for about a month before diving in. If at the end of the month, you still want to purchase this item, go for it – it’s clearly something you really want and deserve to splurge on. The opposite of that, though, is that you might totally forget about the splurge and end up saving lots of money.

Make your own coffee.

On average, you may spend between $1 and $5 on coffee, every day. And even though you may love your morning Starbucks run, your wallet probably isn’t the biggest fan. Luckily, if you make your own cup at home, it usually averages to a cost of 16-18 cents. Over time, you could be saving hundreds. So even if you can’t fully cut Starbucks out of your life, try limiting your coffees trips and making your java at home from time to time. You’ll still get your caffeine fix, and your wallet will thank you.

Always check the register.

Make sure you’re always paying attention when getting your items are rung up in a store, since there’s always a possibility that the computer will make a mistake while adding up your total (maybe that 2-for-1 deal isn’t showing up automatically just yet) or that you thought something was a different price than it actually is. Keeping an eye on the register as it rings you up is one way to make sure that you always know you’re paying exactly what you should’ve in the first place. 

Time your fill-up.

You might think filling up your gas tank is as simple as doing it whenever you’re running low, but a little strategic planning could actually ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. Fill up your car with gas on Wednesday or Thursday, as usually the price goes up on the weekend when the gas is more in demand. This is an easy way to save a few bucks, and you get to skip the long gas lines in the process, too.

Buy the store brand.

Most of the time, store brand food items are very comparable to name brands, and are a lot cheaper. If you’re concerned about how the taste will stack up against your brand name favorites, take a look at the ingredients on both and see if they seem more or less the same. 

Be smart while traveling.

Vacations are a time to give yourself a little wiggle room with spending instead of keeping tabs on all of your expenses, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still play it smart. That’s especially true when it comes to booking your accommodations. When booking a hotel room, ask if there are any discounts available. Many times, AAA has a discount at hotels that you can use, or you might get a special rate for using a particular method of payment.

Always sign up for the reward programs.

Most stores nowadays – from the grocery store to your favorite department store – have some kind of rewards program to reward customer loyalty. The good news is that these programs are usually free to join, but give you the chance to rack up points and gain coupons, discounts, or free items. The way we see it, you should never turn down something free that gives you some more free stuff in return!

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