7 Sleep Tips for Sleep Awareness Week

As Sleep Awareness Week is coming to an end, we want to share a round up of sleep tips that we posted throughout the week.  Follow all or some of these helpful guidelines and you’ll ensure you get better sleep.

Get into the Rhythm 

Try to maintain a regular routine for what time you go to sleep each night as well as what time wake up each morning.  This regular schedule will assist your body’s circadian rhythm in staying on track.



Dim All the Lights

As our lives revolve around multiple electronic devices, we know it’s not easy to detach from them.  However, it’s in your best interest to turn them off at bedtime.  The light that emits from the screens of your phone, TV,  and computer may disrupt your sleep cycle.



Up Your Mattress Game

A lot of factors affect your sleep quality and of course, one is what you’re actually sleeping on top of.  Ideally, you want sleep on a mattress that you find both comfortable and supportive.



Chill Out

You may not have known this but a cool temperature is the best environment for sleep.  In addition to lowering the air temperature in your bedroom, what you wear to sleep affects your body temperature.  Its best to wear breathable, light-weight cotton pajamas or even sleep in the nude.



Clean & Fresh

Ever wonder why you sleep well when you’re on vacation.  It’s partly because your bedding is being refreshed and clean linens have a positive influence on your sleep quality.  Bring the hotel experience to your home by regularly changing your sheets and pillow cases.



Snack Time

Here’s a reason to eat a snack before bed.  Certain foods, including pistachio nuts, almonds, yogurt, sunflower seeds, contain tryptophan which is an essential amino acid that aids with falling asleep.  You have a green light to eat a light snack before bed as long as it’s high in tryptophan.



Natural Sleep Drink

We speak from personal experience when we tell you that drinking reBloom will help you fall asleep and as a bonus, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.  During a clinical trial, 93% people fell asleep faster and 80% people got more sleep when taking reBloom.


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