7 of the Best Home Products for Under $100

You don’t want to break the bank to turn your house into a home. Many of the most quality household products come in at under $100, and are sure to exponentially increase your efficiency, health, happiness, and overall comfort level. What was your life like before these items? We don’t want to know.

1. Presto Belgian Waffle Maker$36

Everyone needs one of these in their kitchen, because who doesn’t love waffles? This waffle maker is designed for your ease and comfort and turns out the perfect waffle (or frankly, whatever else you want to put in it – we’re looking at you, tater tots). It comes in at just under $40, and is selling like hotcakes (pun intended), so get yours today.


2. Cuisinart Programmable Coffee Maker$73

A quality brew, 24-hour programmability,  and under $100? Yes, please. The Cuisinart 3200 is the Bentley of high-quality, affordable coffee makers, and a hit with the masses. Skip the morning trip to Dunkin and don’t bother fiddling with your old-school coffee maker. The Cuisinart doesn’t require a lot of space and can brew up to 14 cups of delicious coffee in about ten minutes.


3. Seville Classics Utility Shoe Rack$60

For the shoe-lovers out there, this rack is an awesome space saver, and can be easily compacted if necessary (or even stacked, if you go for the 2-pack). This product allows you the flexibility to easily customize your living areas, offers durability, and is stylish to boot. It’s neutral enough to fit in nicely with your home décor, and at $60 for the 2-pack, you can’t go wrong.


4. Professional Microfiber Mop, $45

Cleaning made easy! The Professional Microfiber Mop is durable, simple to use, and gets more than just one job done. In addition to mopping up messes, the microfiber cloth is an awesome dust collector, and will leave your floors shiny and spotless quickly and with very little effort. This is especially useful if you have pets and kids. Spend less time cleaning, and more time on the important things (like making and eating those waffles, obviously).


5. Nutri Ninja Pro$89

Here’s your sign that it’s time to start juicing. This blender is awesome at breaking down solid fruits and vegetables, and making sure that you’re getting everything that you need from them. The bladed lid that’s easily replaced with a drinking lid once you’re finished juicing makes on-the-go breakfast smoothies a total breeze. This product is a time saver that can potentially improve your lifestyle and physical health.


6. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker$89

You don’t have to be a master chef to make complex and delicious meals. This pressure cooker makes cooking easy and efficient, and allows you the flexibility to cook at your own pace. As a 7-in-1 programmable cooker, it’s more than a pressure cooker, and can actually function as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and more, too. (Talk about money well spent.)


7. Germ Guardian Air Purifier, $85

Let’s just clear the air: this filter is super useful if you have mild or severe allergies or asthma, or if you’re sensitive to smells. It allows you to control the air quality in your home, isn’t a noise nuisance and is compact enough so that you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Kill any unseen airborne bacteria, keep yourself and your family healthy and happy, and breathe easy.

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