7 Lessons the Show Friends Has Taught Us About Sleeping with Others

While the show ended over a decade ago, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey will forever be remembered.  While their large, rent-stabilized NYC apartments weren’t realistic, their relationships throughout the years, did however, shed light on the realities of sleeping with other people.

It’s hard for exes to just be friends.


Monica and Richard tried to be friends after they broke up but that quickly led to a friends-with-benefits situation.  Despite what we tell ourselves, it’s hard to turn off feelings, especially when you’ve been intimately involved with someone.  Although some people are able to remain just friends with exes, the majority of the time, it’s a difficult feat and there was a reason the two of you ended your relationship in the first place.

Not all sex is created equally.


As Rachel described sex with an Italian lover as “animal sex,” she implied sex with Ross is more tender, but she enjoyed both.  Sexual experiences differ based on who’s involved and it can even vary with the same person.  You may find having sex with one person is adventurous and fun while sex with another person tends to be consistently systematic and well…boring.  Of course, those aren’t the only two types of sex – there are countless ways to enjoy sex with your partner(s) – do whatever turns you on.

Some people lie about their ages.


Monica wasn’t opposed to dating a guy younger than her, but she was shocked when he eventually admitted that he wasn’t a senior in college but rather a senior in high school!  Both genders have been offenders of lying about their ages.  Sometimes someone claims he/she is older or younger than is his/her actual age.  Regardless, it’s not okay.  If you have an issue with your age, figure out how to deal with it but don’t be deceitful.  Relationships are suppose to be built on trust so let’s try to start off on the right foot.

Some people talk in their sleep 


When he wasn’t entertaining late night guests, Joey kept Chandler up at night by talking in his sleep.  Not surprisingly, noise affects our ability to sleep.  Dating someone new is usually an adjustment and getting used to his/her sleeping habits is certainly a part of that.  Unless he/she is ranting about some weird stuff, figure out how to sleep through the noise if you think he/she is worth it.

Some people don’t understand boundaries

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.43.07 AM

Chandler made it clear to his temporary roommate, Eddie, that it is not okay to come into  his room and watch him while he sleeps.  Looking for a roommate on Craig’s List?  Perhaps make sure to lay out ground rules before he/she signs the lease.  Some people just don’t understand boundaries and what seems obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to others.  The bedroom is a very private room and it’s your choice as to whom you invite into it.  No uninvited trespassers allowed!

Cuddling isn’t for everyone


To cuddle or not to cuddle?  Do you prefer to be the big spoon or the little spoon?  Sometimes, a cuddler and a non-cuddler date and they need to strike a compromise.  Ross demonstrated to Chandler how to do the “hug and roll” so that you can make your partner happy with some cuddling time and then after she falls asleep, you can roll away and sleep on the other side of the bed.

Someone will fulfill your fantasy


After pining over Rachel for so many years, Ross finally got to be with her and as an added bonus, she fulfilled his Star Wars’ Princess Leia in the gold bikini fantasy.  Whatever your fantasy is, hopefully, you find yourself with someone you feel comfortable enough to share it.  The good ones will care to ask you what you like and desire, and then make them happen.

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