6 Things You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Home

Even if you set aside your entire Sunday to deep cleaning your home from top to bottom – been there, done that – there are a lot of little things that you may still be glossing over as you scrub, wipe, and tidy up your space. And though it means tacking on a little extra work to your already full cleaning flow, being sure to tackle all of your lesser-attended-to nooks and crannies is well worth the time it will take to get your home the absolute cleanest. If you’re not already, here are some of the top things you should be cleaning for a thoroughly clean space.

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Still experiencing funky smells even after the garbage goes out? Might be time to give a little attention to the can — the trashcan, of course. Over time, your trash bags break and leak, exposing your trashcan to filth beyond measure. Still, more often than not, cleaning it goes overlooked. A thorough scrub every once in a while, (or even a swift, weekly cleaning) can reduce a plethora of bacteria and odors that arise as a result of your garbage.

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Your windows may be spotless, but if your windowsills aren’t, you’ll hardly notice the difference that your hard work made. Plus, cleaning your windows and not their dusty sills can attract insects — which will only add to the problem. How you clean your windowsills will depend on the type that you have. You can clean your wooden windowsills like any other piece of wooden furniture in your home, and they may require extra care so as not to tarnish the wood. Other types might not require the same level of care.

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Moldings and Baseboards

Anything that’s below eye-level in your home (apart from your floors) might not get cleaned as frequently and thoroughly as they should — baseboards included. What you may not realize is that by not regularly maintaining these areas, the filth they accumulate can lead to you having to sweep and mop your floors more frequently. So by adding a little extra work now, you can be sure that you’ll save a lot of work down the line.

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(Ceiling) Fans

Ceiling fans (and fans in general) are among the most neglected (not to mention, trickiest to clean) things in your home, but nonetheless are easily the best circulators of dust and allergens. Feather dusters may only serve to exacerbate the problem by further dispersing the allergens. The next time you notice your fans getting dirty, try using a microfiber cloth and your best dust buster spray to clean them.

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Lampshades can get awfully dusty over time, but rather than using a feather duster — which, as you know, will only serve to spread allergens — try using a hand vacuum with a brush attachment or even a lint roller to banish dust.

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The walls  are just as subject to filth as anything else on this list, so it’s just as important to wipe those clean often as it is to tackle everything else on your list. They’re typically their dirtiest toward your floors, trashcans, or any place that often comes into contact with hands (around light switches, near door knobs, and the like). To safely clean painted and wallpapered walls, try a mixture of water and a mild dish detergent and scrub lightly.

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