6 Reasons That You Probably Don’t Feel Refreshed in the Morning


One of the worst feelings is when you open your eyes after a long night of shuteye and feel like you’re still exhausted. And while not everyone can be a morning person, it still doesn’t make much sense to feel so worn out after a full eight hours of sleep. Here are some reasons why you may be waking up with zero energy when you think that you should be feeling totally rejuvenated.

You fell asleep stressed about something.

It’s not easy to shut off your mind for bed and forget about all of that stress from the office or all of the bills that you need to pay off, but those anxiety-inducing thoughts might be taking a toll on your sleep, even while you’re actually dozing off. The fact is, when your mind is too busy obsessing over stressors that are draining your energy, it can be tough for your mind to totally tune them out while you’re asleep, which means that you’re mind is never fully shutting down long enough for you to totally relax and recover overnight. If you’re someone that struggles with nighttime worries, buy yourself a journal so you can jot down your thoughts before hitting the pillow. You might find the exercise helpful in calming your mind before bed, which will work wonders on the quality of your sleep.

You drank a lot before bed.

Having your usual glass of wine at night actually helps your health in the long run, like by reducing your risk of a stroke or heart attack, as well as increasing the strength of your bones. But you need to be careful about what time you’re drinking that one glass (or four). Drinking alcohol too close to bedtime will prevent you from having a proper night’s sleep by minimizing the amount of deep REM sleep that you have every night. Try to drink it at an earlier time in the night so that you can catch all your zzz’s and make sure that you’re always waking up feeling energized.

You had a big, fatty dinner.

Heartburn is horrible anytime it hits, but it is even worse when you lay down at night to go to bed. You’ll have a hard time getting a solid eight hours of rest when your dinner has you waking up in spurts throughout the night. And when heartburn has you spending a lot of the night in and out of sleep, you can bet you won’t be getting the quality rest that you need to wake up feeling refreshed, even if you feel like you more or less got a good night of sleep. Avoid foods that are spicy or too citrusy that will cause indigestion too close to bedtime to help make sure that you sleep well through the evening.

You keep your phone on loud.

Most of us sleep with our cell phones next to us, which is perfectly fine (most of us use them as an alarm, after all) as long as you’re not leaving your ringer on and getting woken up every time your phone gets a text message or a new email hits your inbox. When you wake up multiple times in the middle of the night from your phone dinging or vibrating – even if only for a minute or two at a time – you’re sure to wake up feeling not-so-refreshed the next day since you constantly went in and out of sleep. You need to keep your phone on silent (seriously, silent, not vibrate) so that you’ll stay asleep throughout the night. And if there are other noises that are keeping you up at night that you have no control over like traffic outside your window or your neighbor’s dog barking, invest in a white noise machine or a pair of earplugs to block out the unwanted disruptions.

You stay on your computer too close to bedtime.

Everyone has a hard time disconnecting from their electronic devices to get sleep. But even if you have enough self control to actually limit yourself to answering “one last email” without going into an internet spiral, the use of your computer or other electronics too close to bedtime could still throw off your sleep. The blue light from your device stimulates your brain, so when you actually decide to shut everything off and go to sleep, your body will have a harder time relaxing. Tell yourself that you will shut off your technology an hour before bed and pick up a book or take a hot shower instead to wind down before getting under the covers.

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