6 Things In Your Bathroom You Should Definitely Be Cleaning Regularly

Clean contemporary bathroom sink

Your bathroom is the place where you go everyday to shower and wash away the dirt that has been clinging to your body all day, yet most people don’t spend nearly enough time tackling the dirt that builds up right in that room. Oh, the irony. Bacteria accumulates virtually everywhere in your house, but because you actually spend time cleaning places like the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, those spaces tend to be a lot cleaner than your bathroom, where you might be missing a spot – or several – when it comes to getting clean. Even if you’ve got the toilet, sink, and shower good to go, be sure to tackle these other key spots that may be a little too dirty for comfort.

Behind the Toilet

Sure, the toilet is clean and that’s an important factor to a sparkling bathroom, but what about the area behind the toilet that no one ever notices nor thinks to wipe up? If you’re not cleaning that area regularly, you can bet that there’s probably a ton of bacteria built up there that you don’t even know about. Go grab a broom and sweep up all the nasty dust back there. Also make sure you wipe up the area with a soapy rag or a cleaning wipe because chances are, there is some bacteria that has made their home there and they’re not planning on moving without a fight.

Toilet Brush Holder

The toilet brush is one of the most important cleaning products in the bathroom, but let’s be real, you probably haven’t cleaned that brush or its holder as long as you’ve had them. That means there is a crazy amount of bacteria – not to mention other nasty buildup that we’d rather not think about – on it that is just lingering in your bathroom, waiting for you to notice it. Disinfect your brush and the holder by soaking them both in bleach.


When you use a loofah to scrub dirt from your body, instead of rinsing down the drain in the shower, the dirt gets stuck inside the loofah. If your loofah is dirty beyond repair – i.e. if it has a funky odor to it or if the color is a faded shade of what it used to be – it’s time to ditch and replace it. But if not, there are ways to clean out your body dirt from its pores. Next time you hop in the shower, take some extra time to soap up your loofah and rinse it. Hang it in a place in your shower where it can completely dry.

The Backsplash

Not everyone has a colorful tile backsplash under their vanity or above their sink, but for those who do, it’s not so pretty when grime starts building up all over it. Because it’s so close to the sink, it can collect bacteria like dirt, dust, and even the occasional toothpaste splatter. Next time you are scrubbing your sink of all the grime, take a little extra time to wipe down the backsplash, too. Whether it looks like it needs it or not, it never hurts to get the area extra clean.


Most bathrooms have a tiny cabinet or closet where you can leave your toiletries and linens, but since it’s probably behind a door, it’s not easy to remember to clean the shelves holding everything up. For a real thorough cleaning, take everything off the shelves and completely dust the cabinet and shelf tops. This will help your towels and washcloths stay clean from all the dust, and may even prevent bugs from popping up in your bathroom.

The Vent

This is definitely an area that you are completely forgetting about. Bathrooms usually have a vent to help remove steam from the bathroom after taking a shower. However, if you don’t take proper care of it and clean it every once in a while, it can collect dust and grime, and won’t ventilate air as well as it should be. So go grab a ladder or a step stool from your garage and wipe down your bathroom vent.


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