6 Surprising Things You Didn’t Realize Are Making You Feel Tired

If your schedule has you consistently clocking only four or five restless hours of sleep a night, getting hit by bouts of grogginess during the day hardly poses much of a mystery. But if you aren’t regularly missing out on quality shuteye and still find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open during your mid-morning meeting, the culprit behind your tiredness isn’t going to be as easy to pin down.

If you’re in the latter boat, here are some of the tricky, unexpected problems that might be keeping you from sleeping well at night – and causing you to nod off during the day.

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You’re not drinking enough water.

If you’re even just a little bit dehydrated, you’re likely to feel a little sluggish. This is because failing to replenish lost body fluid by drinking enough water causes your blood volume to go down. This in turn forces your heart to work harder to try to pump more blood to your brain. That extra exertion makes a little fatigue inevitable.

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You’re slouching too much.

Contrary to what you may have thought growing up (and continue to think today), sitting up straight is about a lot more than decorum. In fact, poor posture puts a lot of strain on your body – your back and hips, specifically – since your body has to work hard to make up for the fact that your joints aren’t aligned. This essentially leaves you feeling not just tired, but a bit achy, as well.

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You’re surrounded by clutter.

When you’re in the company of a messy room, desk, or office, the clutter is likely to have you feeling overwhelmed and super anxious. This in turn not only makes it hard for you to focus and stay on top of your mental game, but it also drains you of your energy, according to research from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute.

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You’re not having a balanced breakfast.

You’ve likely heard people champion the importance of a balanced breakfast to start your day off right, and failing to heed that advice could be the reason behind your feelings of grogginess throughout the day. This is because skipping breakfast and failing to fuel your body in the morning forces your system to slow down in an effort to save energy, which in turn leaves you feeling sluggish.

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You’re not getting enough sun.

While spending an entire afternoon under the sun may leave you feeling a bit drained, the opposite is also true. That is, not spending enough time in the sun can just as easily lead to chronic fatigue since the lack of natural light almost causes the mind to shut down and enter sleep mode.

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You’re not exercising enough.

Just as excessive exercise leaves you feeling incredibly tired, skimping on the fitness can likewise leave you feeling lethargic. According to a study from the University of Georgia, low-impact exercise – think semi-regular walks or bike rides – could actually reduce symptoms of fatigue by about 65 percent.

While sipping on some reBloom is one way to guarantee yourself a great night’s sleep, it’s just a single piece of the puzzle. Make the most of your night by adopting daily habits that are conducive to quality rest. 

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