6 Reasons You Should Be Making Your Bed in the Morning

girl making the bed

If making your bed in the morning means setting your alarm for five minutes earlier, or having to cut your shower slightly short in the morning, it’s no wonder you’d rather not. But even if it does require a little bit of rearranging in your morning routine, there’s a whole laundry list of reasons to turn down your bed in the morning – one of which actually is for laundering purposes.

1. It makes your whole room look cleaner.

Your bed is the center of your room; the focal point. So it naturally follows that a messy bed has the power to make your entire room look messy. On the other hand, a neatly made bed can instantly make your room look put together, even if the level of clean around the rest of your space leaves a bit (okay, maybe a little more than a bit) to be desired.

2. It keeps your sheets cleaner, too.

Not only will making your bed make your room look cleaner, but it will actually help keep your sheets cleaner. This is because covering your mattress and sheets with your comforter, instead of leaving them exposed in a disheveled pile on your bed, makes it less likely that they’ll be exposed to dust.

3. It’s a stress reliever.

A tidy space feels like a controlled space. By making your room look less clustered, making your bed is an instant way to make you feel more organized in general. This, in turn, has a calming affect on your mind and can help reduce any stress or anxiety that you may have over things like a hectic schedule or long to-do list.

4. It starts your day off on a positive note.

Making your bed may not seem like a huge deal, but it’s kind of a small victory. It’s a great way to start your day off with a little achievement; an achievement that can set the tone for more small victories and productivities throughout your day.

5. It will encourage other positive habits.

Good habits are kind of like a chain reaction or a game of dominos: adopt one, and the rest will follow. By making it a point to make your bed every morning, you’ll find yourself naturally wanting to put in the time and effort to make other small changes throughout your day in the interest of feeling organized, efficient, and like you’re on top of things.

6. It will get easier over time.

For the first week or two of trying to get into the habit of making your bed, it might feel like a hassle. But with every day that you do it, you’ll find the process getting faster and easier, and starting to feel a little more like second nature. That’s not to say you’ll be folding hospital corners in a month, or anything, but you might be able to start waking up just two minutes earlier, instead of five.

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