6 Reasons That Loving What You Do May Be More Important Than Your Salary

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We’ve probably all heard the phrase, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” While our 9 to 5 jobs might not always feel in line with that statement, whether we enjoy our work or not, it definitely makes us wonder: is it really more important to choose a job you love or to do opt for a job that’s really going to pay our bills? The subject has long been debated, and everyone has their own opinions as to which path to take. But even though paychecks are important, we think that doing something you love should rank a little higher on your list of priorities when choosing a career, and here’s why.

You’ll Feel More Fulfilled

Okay, you may not think “feeling fulfilled” should be more important than having a well-paying job, but hear us out. People basically spend their whole lives looking for fulfillment. They go to school aspiring to get a good job, having dreams of raising a nice family, and always strive for a great life. Wouldn’t it be great to know that your job makes you feel like you’ve found at least one of your passions in life? At the end of the day, the satisfaction that comes from that will be seriously rewarding.

Your Mental Health Will Improves

There is nothing more stressful, draining and depressing than waking up every morning for a job you aren’t passionate about, don’t enjoy doing, or even hate. All the work you do and the challenges you face in this job will overwhelm you with stress because it shifts your focus away from your personal life and toward the job you don’t like. Choosing a job that makes you happy, on the other hand, will significantly reduce stress levels and improve your mental health all around.

You’ll Be More Motivated and Productive

If being at work doesn’t excite you, chances are you won’t be very motivated to do your job and your productivity will decrease. Just think about coming into work every morning excited for the tasks you’ll complete that day. You’re much more likely to excel in a job you enjoy simply because you’ll be more productive each day and more motivated to not only do your work, but go above and beyond in general.

You’ll Become a More Effective Leader

If the time comes when you get promoted (which is what everyone wants eventually, especially if salary is an important factor) you’ll have to take on the position of a leader. If you don’t have the same passion and drive for your job that your coworkers do, it will be hard to take you seriously as a leader. It will also be hard for you to incite the kind of commitment in them that you hope to see from a team you’re leading. Find that passion in your job, and inspiring others will come naturally.

You’re More Likely to Be Successful

We mentioned that loving your job will make you more motivated and productive, and these are both traits of someone who is likely to have a successful career. Being passionate about your job means you’ll always want to learn more, improve your work and take on new challenges, which makes you stand out from the crowd when it comes time for your boss to choose who gets that big promotion. As long as you keep that motivation and excitement, you’ll keep moving up. Moving up means more money, so loving your job and getting paid well can actually go hand in hand. (Oh, the irony.)

You’ll Grow a Larger Network

If you come into work every day grumpy and looking like you hate your life, chances are you won’t make many friends in the office. Of course, you can still make professional connections even when you don’t enjoy your job, but isn’t it easier and more fun to make actual friends at a job you love? Not only will you feel more comfortable around the office, but growing your professional network will be effortless, and you’ll end up with a lot more (and much stronger) connections.

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