5 Websites to Know Before You Plan Your Next Vacation

Canal in Venice, Italy during vacation to Europe.

Are you thinking of traveling but don’t know how to find the best deal, or just plain don’t know where to start? It’s imperative to be as thorough as possible when planning a vacation, otherwise you might be spending more than what’s necessary or even short changing your experience. Before you visit your next country or city, here are five sites you should consider visiting first.


If you’ve never used Exitfares for domestic and international travel alike, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars more than what was necessary. Exitfares locates airfare deals for you that span the farthest reaches of the web, and to just about every location under the sun (domestic and international). The only catch? Since you’re only seeing the best deals, your options are more or less limited. However, there’s a bright side to spontaneity – if you’re unsure where your heart is telling you to travel for your next trip, just head to Exitfares and follow the deals!


Skip the resort next time you travel, and opt for an Airbnb. On Airbnb, you can rent out a room, or even an entire apartment for less than what you would be spending on staying in suite at a hotel. By saving your cash, you’ll have more opportunities to spend on local attractions and food, and you won’t feel compelled to spend all of your time in the resort you shelled out all of your money for. If you’re truly traveling to discover a new world, then Airbnb is the way to go.


Hipmunk is an awesome all-in-one travel app that will help you book the cheapest flights, hotel or rentals. You can then integrate your plans into your calendar for an up-to-date itinerary on your next excursion. You can even email hello@hipmunk.com for travel advice and you’ll hear back with recommendations for local attractions or the best places to grab a bite at your destination.

Student Universe

Traveling is fun, but not always financially feasible – especially if you’re a student. If its name wasn’t a giveaway, Student Universe offers awesome discounts to undergrad and graduate students who want to travel. Simply sign up with your student email and expected graduation date, and SU will send you affordable airfare deals daily.

The Guide to Sleeping in Airports

The Guide to Sleeping In Airports may just come in handy the next time you’re traveling and are faced with a super long layover, a delayed, or even cancelled flight. This website offers a guide to sleeping in the airport when the unexpected occurs and getting a hotel room isn’t an alternative. Maybe you need to know where the best places to sleep in LAX are, or where you can charge your devices in Seoul Incheon. Whatever your airport needs are, have no fear – you can read reviews and tips from other travelers who’ve been met with the same fate at one point or another, and even contribute to the conversation for future travelers.

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