5 Ways to Make the Most of 24 Hours

If it seems like there’s never enough time in a day to accomplish what you need to (let alone what you want to), it might be time to utilize some tricks to help you make the most of 24 hours. These are simple lifestyle changes that will require personal adjustment, but have the potential to exponentially increase your productivity and self-gratification day after day.

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1. Prep Your Meals

In addition to drastically reducing the time you spend preparing meals over the course of a week, prepping your meals in advance means that you can maintain control over your nutrition by giving you a chance to keep your calories, carbs, and sugar in check. Plus, if you often find yourself ordering lunches and dinners because you just don’t have the time or energy to make your meals in the moment, then advance meal prep is a great way to not only boost your nutrition and increase your productivity, but also successfully manage your money.

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2. Early to Bed, Early to Rise…

Maintaining a proper sleep schedule is key to increasing your productivity. While the recommendation is eight hours of sleep each night, everyone is different, and how much sleep you need each night can be impacted by your lifestyle and nutrition. However, to make the most out of the 24-hour day, waking up as early as possible to get a jump start on your day doesn’t hurt – and you can only do this if you’re getting to bed early each night and getting a restful sleep.

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3. The Importance of Early Morning Workouts

The early hours of the morning are the best time to exercise, since working out after you wake up can set the tone for the remainder of your day. This is especially true if you wake up feeling lethargic, or low on energy. A good workout gets the heart pumping and releases endorphins (a.k.a. “feel-good” hormones) that have a positive impact on your mood. This means that you’ll have more energy and motivation to power through the day, which is sure to increase your productivity overall.

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4. Eat a Proper Breakfast Everyday

Breakfast, much like morning exercise, has the capacity to determine the success of your day. Many people who skip breakfast have the tendency to overeat over the course of the day, and are more likely to crash before lunch. Making the time for a filling, nutritious breakfast (think options like eggs or oatmeal) is essential to your productivity over the course of the day.


5. Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water

In addition to a nutrition-packed, energy-boosting breakfast, hydration is essential to keeping your energy levels up and maintaining a positive demeanor over the course of a busy day. The recommendation is eight cups of water over the course of the day, but like sleep, this can vary from person to person based on lifestyle and nutrition. If you’re finding it difficult to down eight glasses of water in a day, you can try eating water enriched foods or naturally flavoring your water to improve its taste.

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