5 Travel Essentials You Need This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a hectic time, between crossing off everything on your shopping list, staying on top of your workload in the midst of parties and long weekends, and dealing with a little bit of family overload.  So it makes sense that when you throw a little bit of holiday travel in the mix, it can be enough to push you off the edge a bit. Luckily, we’ve got a few essentials that will make holiday travel – be it by car, by train, by boat, or by plane – just a bit easier. (So you can cross holiday travel stress off your list.)


A Multifunctional Carry-On

Sure, you want a carry-on that looks good, but what about a carry-on that looks good, and charges your devices, and weighs itself, and has a location-tracking feature. Yes, please.

Raden A-22 Carry-On, $295



A Sleek Pair of Headphones

A tangled up headphone wire can be the breaking point when travel stress is weighing down on you. Fortunately, these headphones work via bluetooth, so frustrating tangles won’t be a concern. (And neither will looking super chic.)

Caeden Linea Nº10 Bluetooth Headphone, $131


Perfume Oil

You can be sure to freshen up as much as possible while traveling. But since you can’t control the…shall we say, aroma…of fellow travels, it’s always good to have some perfume oil on hand to dab under your nose in times of crisis.

Kai Perfume Oil, $30



A Pretty Makeup Bag

Misplaced mascara tubes and concealer bottles can always add an element of stress when it comes to unpacking your bag. Keep things in order with a chic little cosmetics bag to hold all of your beauty essentials.

Kate Spade Wellesley Cosmetics Bag, $68

uv-disinfection-scannerA Disinfection Scanner

You spend a lot of time sitting around in questionable spots around the holidays. Make sure that you never pop a squat without feeling confident with a scanner that is proven to eliminate germs before you take a seat.

Kendal UV Disinfection Scanner Wand, $22


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