5 Things You Should Know About Lucid Dreaming

Whether you’ve never heard the term before, or have heard it but just never fully understood what it was all about, lucid dreaming is basically when your conscious mind is in full control of your dreams. It’s the stage of REM sleep when you become fully aware that you’re having a dream while your body is still suppressed by restful sleep, which means you can decide what actually happens in your dream –– from floating on a cloud to walking on the moon. Wherever you might want to take your dreams, here are a few things to know about lucid dreaming first.

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People with Narcolepsy Frequently Lucid Dream

Narcolepsy entails excessive sleepiness, in addition to the sudden need to sleep at any given moment during the day. During these “sleep attacks,” narcoleptics can remain asleep from seconds to minutes at a time, and are often prone to experiencing the “deep sleep” achieved during REM. This makes it more likely for them to dream more vividly more quickly, increasing the potential for them to dream lucidly.


Though Gamers Might Do It Better

Studies show that dedicated gamers are avid lucid dreamers, and are likely to have more control over their lucid dreams. This is because gamers typically have higher levels of focus and concentration than the average individual, making it more likely that they’ll be able to tune into their dreams and exercise a level of influence over them.

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Galantamine Might Play a Role in Lucid Dreaming

Galantamine, which is commonly derived from the red spider lily,da is an FDA-approved supplement that’s been known to improve the memory retention of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It’s only in the past couple of years that the natural supplement has been used to enhance dreaming, including by inducing lucid dreaming to a degree.

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Lucid Dreaming Can Be an Effective Training Method

If aren’t going to dance among the stars during your lucid dreams, you can actually use the experience to practice a skill you possess while you’re awake, as research indicates that practicing something during lucid dreaming can improve your performance in real life.

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Meditating Can Affect Lucid Dreaming

It’s been proven that increased mindfulness and introspection come as a result of making time for meditation, but meditation can also influence the way you dream. Recent studies indicate that individuals who are more contemplative and frequently meditate have an increased chance of lucid dreaming.

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