5 Sleep Tips to Follow if You’re Pregnant

pregnant woman

If you’re having a baby, it’s no secret that the later you get in your pregnancy, the more difficult it can become to get a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s because you’re having trouble finding a position that you’re comfortable in, or you just can’t seem to get a solid rest with frequent trips to the bathroom, here are a few tips and tricks to help you solve the problem!

1. Get plenty of support.

One of the biggest sleep troubles for pregnant women is that a growing belly can lead to a lot of discomfort. Luckily, there’s a host of pregnancy pillows and mattresses that can help expectant mothers find a sleep position that feels right for them each night. You can also just gather up a bunch of pillows from around the house and use those to help you get comfortable. The key is making sure that your belly has plenty of support so that there isn’t a lot of pressure on your hips, whatever method you use.

2. Be smart about napping.

Fatigue is hardly a rarity for expectant mothers, which  means that a nap here and there may sound especially enticing. But be careful: while short catnaps early in the day can be a great way to beat exhaustion during pregnancy, you never want to nap too late in the day, or for too long, since doing so could ultimately take a toll on your sleep through the night.

3. Cut back on fluids in the evening.

Physiology makes frequent bathroom trips a norm for expectant mothers, but when this begins to interfere with your sleep multiple times a night, it might be time to change around your daytime routine. Focus on staying hydrated throughout the day, and then try to cut back on liquids after around 5 p.m. This way, you’re still getting the hydration you need each day, but aren’t going to bed with a full bladder.

4. Get serious about relaxation.

You might not have been crazy about pre-bed baths or breathing exercises before, but adopting these habits during pregnancy can be an important step to relaxing every night and helping you doze off more easily. While warm baths and showers have a soothing effect, breathing exercises, massages, and yoga are the secret to keeping your mind at ease and helping your muscles relax.

5. Hit the gym.

Staying on top of your fitness during pregnancy by doing aerobics, going for a swim, or just taking a walk is essential when it comes to staying healthy, but it may be just as important in terms of getting to sleep. The secret is to focus on exercising early on in the day – in the morning, the afternoon, or early evening. This way, you can reserve three or four hours at night to winding down before bed.


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