5 Skills to Add to Your Resume ASAP

The workplace is ever changing, and nowadays the same skill sets that were considered impressive a decade ago – think Excel and Photoshop – are taking a backseat to more advanced capabilities, like tracking metrics on Google Analytics or being able to drive marketing campaigns on Instagram. That’s not to say that the old skills have become obsolete (you should still know how to work a spreadsheet like a champ), but just that sprucing up your resumé with some updated skills might be essential when it comes to staying at the top of your game in an increasingly competitive marketplace. To get you started, here are five skills that you need to add to your resumé pronto.

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You don’t need to be a total whiz when it comes to search engine optimization, but it’s definitely good to have a few basics down pat if you really want to catch the attention of employers, either potential or current. For example, it’s a good idea to know a thing or two about linking, or how to boost your Google rankings using keywords.

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It’s hard to find any company in this day and age that doesn’t have – or at the very least wouldn’t benefit from having – its own website. So it makes sense that having a little bit of knowledge of the foundational language of any webpage – HTML – is a major plus in today’s marketplace. Your job may have nothing to do with actually working in HTML yourself, but having even just a beginner-level understanding of the language could help you understand the workings of websites on a bigger scale, and that’s a pretty marketable skill.

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Social Media Marketing

You might not think of Twitter as anything more than a way to voice your thoughts about the latest in pop culture, or as Instagram as anything more than a place to share the latest photo of your brunch, but social media can actually be a pretty effective tool in marketing, too. From building brand awareness and image to promoting events and products, knowing how to use social media to drive business and garner support for your company or brand is an enormously positive tool in the modern marketplace.

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Web Analytics

Just like market research has always been relevant in building a successful company or brand, web analytics works as the kind of hi-tech version of market research. This combines things like tracking web traffic, developing key performance indicators (KPIs), and tracking or managing other key metrics to understand how well your company or brand is performing as an online presence and it essentially helps you determine the best way to go about developing a web strategy.

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A Second Language

So, this isn’t necessarily a newly valuable skill, but it’s still one that a lot of people don’t have down and that remains as big an asset as ever. As the world continues to globalize, there’s really no downside to having a second language up your sleeve. Not only does speaking a second language boost the impressiveness of your resumé and increase your value in some industries like business, but it could also be a sign of heightened brain function. That’s not to say that being bilingual means being smarter, necessarily, but studies do show that speaking multiple languages keeps your brain healthy and active, and may even boost your thinking skills.

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