5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

To be frank, stress sucks, and is a huge emotional burden that can actually hinder output more than foster the will to be productive. But while you unfortunately can’t always avoid it, there are ways to make it a little more manageable on particularly bad days. Here are a few useful ways to subvert stress throughout the day. The next time that trying to just power through won’t quite cut it, try out one of these techniques.

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Listen to Your Favorite Playlist

This could be music, or even a meditation playlist. Generally speaking, anything you like listening to is sure to make you relaxed and level-headed. But if you’re trying to put your mind at ease and your favorite genre is house or heavy metal, you may want to look for playlists with slower beats and softer melodies (like jazz, smooth r&b, or classical, for example). Studies show that music can be an effective stress reliever, and can even have an impact on your brain’s function that’s similar to that of medicinal painkillers.

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Set Aside Time for Meditation

Practicing daily meditation is wholly beneficial to your overall physical and emotional wellbeing. And if being fully aware of all of its long-term advantages isn’t enough to sell you, at the very least, you should know that meditation is an immediate soother and stress reliever on even the worst of days. A few minutes of meditation on a stressful day will work to clear your mind and relieve anxieties.

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Call a Loved One

When you’re under extreme pressure and feeling like you’re ready to buckle, calling a loved one – if for nothing else than just to hear the sound of their voice – can be a huge stress reliever. Having someone to talk to when you’re feeling stressed is a good way to vent and blow off some steam, and especially so if that someone is special to you because it may serve as a reminder of what (and who) is important and worthy of your energy. More than that, your loved ones know you better than anyone and will know just what to say to put your mind at ease. Give them a buzz when you’re feeling stressed and in need of moral support and it could make all the difference.

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Recite Calming Mantras

Studies show that the repetition of mantras is an effective technique for relieving stress and calming the mind. Take the phrase “this too shall pass” as an example. Simply put, even if you know that a difficult situation you’re facing will come to pass, it doesn’t hurt to speak it into existence. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and declare your mantra clearly and with intention. All of the sudden, the challenges you’re facing may start to feel a lot more manageable.

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Look into Sensory Stress Relievers

Whether it’s stress balls, slimes, spinners or fidget cubes, people everywhere are making use of this new wave stress relief in the form of sensory tools and toys that can successfully manage daily stress and anxiety. You may find it beneficial to invest in one or two and see what works for you (everyone is different, after all, so what works for your friend may not necessarily work for you). The results may pleasantly surprise you.

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