5 Secrets to Shaving Minutes Off Your Morning Routine

Getting through the a.m. hustle unscathed is an art; an art that the vast majority of us never seem to master, no matter how much we try. But the secret to nailing your morning routine might come in the form of a few simple, but super time-saving, hacks that are sure to have you heading out the door right on schedule. (If you play your cards right, you might even have a few minutes to spare.)

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Set your clothes out the night before.

Laying out your ensemble in the evening might feel very “first day of school,” but it’s sure to make getting dressed in the morning a whole lot faster. Be sure to the check the weather ahead of time so that you can plan your outfit accordingly, and to make sure that all of the clothes that you pick out are ready to be worn (clean, ironed, etc.) as soon as you get up.

Head shower

Shower the night before, too.

Hopping in the shower in the morning might be as much about getting clean as it is about waking up, but swapping out the a.m. wash for an evening one is an easy way to cut minutes out of your scurry to get ready in the morning. This is especially true if a morning shower means having to allot time to drying and styling your hair, which, when washed at night, can easily be styled for a naturally flawless (and dry) look in the morning.

Skip the tech.

Your first instinct when you wake up may be to reach for your phone (especially if your cell doubles as your alarm, and you have to grab it to shut it off), but steering clear of texts, emails, and social media is one of the easiest ways to free up some time in the morning. It might feel productive to get a head start on your work before even leaving the house, but once you start checking your inboxes and feeds, it’s almost too easy to lose track of time.

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Prep your breakfast in advance.

Getting your breakfast ready in the evening so that it’s good-to-go can be a huge time-saver. If you’re a fan of the sit-down breakfast in the morning, do as much early prep as you can, such as putting all of your oatmeal toppings together in a Ziploc bag, or chopping up any veggies that you can easily cook into an omelet. If you prefer something that you can have on the go, prepare a yogurt parfait for yourself, or put all of your smoothie favorites in a blender and leave in the fridge overnight.

Wallet keys table

Have a spot for everything.

You could have your morning routine perfectly timed, down to the second, but if you realize on your way to the door that you can’t find your car keys, there’s no making up for the time you’ll lose trying to track them down. Save yourself from a not-so-fun morning game of hide and seek and develop a system for organizing – think a key hook or a key dish by the door – to make sure that you always know where the essentials are when you’re getting ready to head out the door.

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