5 Secrets to Sleeping Better When It’s Crazy Hot Out

Woman sleeping in her bed in the summer.

The worst thing that can happen while you’re sleeping (okay, second worst, if you’re including the moment that your alarm goes off for work in the morning) is being woken up in the middle of the night in practically a puddle of sweat. It’s not easy to catch up on some zzz’s when it’s scorching hot outside and the AC either isn’t there or isn’t helping as much as it should be. Luckily, we’ve found some ways for you to keep cool without the help of air conditioning this summer. Stop sleeping in a borderline sauna and take our advice – it will help you cool down so that you can catch some well-needed shuteye.

Invest in cotton sheets.

Save the silk and flannel sheets for the winter months and dress your bed in cotton. Cotton is lightweight, breathable, and really helps ventilate air throughout your entire bed. Also, make sure to get light-colored sheets so that they don’t attract heat as much.

Change up your fans.

Fans don’t just blow hot air around, we promise you. There are some easy fan hacks that you can do to get cool air flowing throughout your bedroom. For example, have your fans pointed out the window so that they are pushing all of the hot air out. Of, if you are fortunate enough to have a ceiling fan, try changing the settings on it so that the blades go the opposite way. This will bring the air up rather than having it circulate around the room.

Ditch the heavy pajamas.

Throughout the summer months, wearing less clothing to bed is the way to go. Sleep in a light, oversized tee and shorts or in a loose-fitting nightgown. Surprisingly, though, the one thing you’ll want to avoid during those hot summer months is sleeping totally in the nude, because when you do that, it’s actually more likely that your sweat will end up waking you up faster because it sticks to your body.


Drink a full glass of cold water before you shut your eyes every night. Not only will it help you feel like you’ve cooled down a bit before hopping into bed, but it will help you compensate in advance for any dehydration that those middle-of-the-night sweats might induce. Of course, you don’t want to drink too much water, since that will probably mean a lot of midnight bathroom runs.

Wet the sheets.

Okay, not like that. One trick to actually keeping your room super cool sans air conditioning is by wetting a large bed sheet and hanging it up right in front of your bedroom window. The sheet will cool any air that’s making it in through the window, making your room feel instantly cooler and breezier.

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