5 Scents to Help You Sleep

If you’re like us, you love getting some air fresheners and scented candles around the house to create a pleasant ambiance in your space. Luckily, when it comes to your bedroom, playing with scents might do more than just make your room smell great; it might help you get a better sleep. Whether you’re lighting a candle, spritzing a mist on your pillow, or picking the best essential oil for your bedroom diffusor, here are the top five scents to help you smell your way to better sleep.

 Fresh lavender on wood


When it comes to smelling your way to better sleep, one of the best options available is lavender, which is known to ease anxiety and even alleviate insomnia. And while some research shows that the scent of lavender can help improve sleep by up to 20 percent, other studies add that the scent might also give you more energy in the morning.

Jasmine flowers with leaves over old wooden table.


Another super effective bedroom scent is jasmine, which improves sleep efficiency. That means that while getting a whiff of jasmine before slipping into bed might not necessarily help you get more hours of sleep, it has been shown to reduce movement during sleep and improve overall sleep quality.

Close up of daisies on wooden background


A cup of chamomile tea works with your body to help ease you into bedtime. A big reason for chamomile’s effectiveness is the scent that you’re sniffing as you sip. The smell of chamomile has been known to ease tension in the body, and research suggests that it promotes relaxation of both the mind and body.

In most Arab countries bukhoor is the name given to wood chips


Sandalwood, which has a natural scent, reminiscent of the outdoors, has been shown to reduce anxiety. The effects of the scent have also been expanded to include improving the overall quality of sleep and possibly, reducing insomnia over time.


When it comes to the scent of rose in the bedroom, the calming, sedative effects are just the start. Some studies have shown that inhaling the scent of rose while sleeping can help improve your memory while you’re awake, while other studies have suggested that smelling rose while you’re asleep can lead to pleasant dreams.


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