5 Reasons You Keep Waking Up Feeling Really Exhausted

Woman lying in bed and yawning in the morning

Waking up early might not be everyone’s favorite activity, but if you keep waking up feeling beyond exhausted, there might be a problem. Check yourself for some of these habits, and if you notice you continuously do some of these, try kicking the habit(s) for a better, more rested feeling in the morning.

You have caffeine before bed.

If you’re drinking coffee or soda in the afternoon or at night, it could be affecting the quality of sleep you’re getting. Try cutting out caffeine or at least having it only earlier in the day if you think this might be the reason you feel extra tired every morning.

You’re stressed or anxious.

Worries, stress, and anxiety are all huge reasons for getting not much sleep. Try figuring out what is causing you stress, and working through these emotions whether it be by getting more exercise, talking to friends, or seeing a counselor if need be.

Your room is too dark.

Blackout curtains are great and all, but the sunlight coming in through the morning is actually a signal to your circadian rhythm that it’s time to get up. Try using curtains that can let some light through in the morning so that your body knows it’s time to get your day started!

Your sleep schedule is constantly changing.

Having a set sleep schedule is extremely important for your health and can affect how you feel each day. Try getting to bed around the same time each night, and waking up the same time every morning. This will help your body get used to these times so you can feel well rested each day!

You keep snoozing.

The snooze button on the alarm is way too tempting each morning, however, this may actually be hurting you more than you think. The tiny amount of sleep you get in between the alarms is not actually restful sleep, so you are actually doing yourself more harm than good. Just set your alarm a little later, and do not hit the snooze anymore!

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