5 Pajamas You Can Totally Turn into Halloween Costumes

It pretty much goes without saying that a night that revolves around going from door to door collecting more candy than you can hope to eat in an entire year doesn’t need much improvement. And yet, we’ve managed to identify the one thing that might just sweeten the deal: being able to head out and collect said candy in your pajamas (because isn’t everything better when it can be done in what you literally rolled out of bed wearing?).

This year, make your Halloween costume easier – and more comfortable – than ever by simply converting your pajama sets, night gowns, and onesies into instant ensembles that you can wear on Halloween night, and pretty much every night after.


Wear a: Black Pajama Set ($45)
And add: Cat ear headband, cat tail, and whisker-and-nose face paint
To be a: Cat

When it comes to Halloween costumes, it can’t get much simpler than a basic black cat. And when it comes to pajamas, comfort is key and why shouldn’t that apply to your costume as well.  This pajama set is made of brushed jersey, which is a great fabric for leisure wear.



Wear a: Black & White Striped Pajama Set ($62)
And add: A mugshot placard with booking ID and black sneakers
To be a: Jailbird

A basic black-and-white striped pajama sets makes the perfect base for a prisoner costume, and calls for nothing more than a fake mugshot placard that you can easily DIY, and a pair of basic sneakers or plimsolls.


Wear a: Pajama Set with Plaid Bottoms ($30)
And add: University sweatshirt, Uggs, glasses, and a messy bun
To be a: College student

Everyone remembers what its like to be so busy as a student that you can’t seem to bring yourself to slip into real pants in the morning. Do a little throwback to the college days – or embrace your current ensemble, if you still happen to be in school – by mixing pajama bottoms with other comfy staples and a messy do that give the all-too-familiar exhausted, disheveled student look.


Wear a: Long Fleece Robe ($53)
And add: Hair rollers, slippers, and an empty cup of coffee
To be a: Tired housewife

Any excuse to be able to leave the house in a robe is one we’re willing to work with. Create a busy, tired housewife costume by throwing a big robe over your favorite pajamas, and topping off your look with hair rollers and coffee. If you’re feeling especially out there, throw on a face mask, too!


Wear a: Floral Cotton Pajama Set ($21)
And add: Pigtails, a teddy bair, and slippers
To be a: Little girl

Take yourself back to a simpler time by grabbing your cutest, girliest pair of pajamas and going for a “little girl” look. Throw your hair into pigtails and grab a stuffed animal (you know you still have one around somewhere from when you were a kid) to achieve the cute look.


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