5 Fun Facts About Dreams


Dreaming often seems like a mysterious and strange phenomenon in the human brain, but it can be a source of inspiration and insight into our thought patterns. It can make us more aware of what we’re really thinking about or wanting from our personal relationships. Here are five fascinating facts about dreams.


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  1. Men and women dream differently.

Turns out there’s a gender difference in how men and women dream. Interestingly enough, men tend to dream about other men while women tend to remember their dreams more often. 67% of the characters in men’s dreams were other men while 48% of women’s dreams were other women.


  1. Certain emotions are more common in dreams.

Negative emotions are more common than positive emotions in dreams, which may also contribute to why people remember their nightmares more often due to the intensity of emotion associated with such imagery. Researchers have found that anxiety is the most prevalent emotion in all dreams, such as worrying for a big event coming up or a life change.


  1. Lucid dreaming exists.

Some people have found that when they dream, they can essentially control what happens in their dreams. This phenomenon is called “lucid dreaming” and enables people to decide what they want to dream about next. The dreamer is aware that they’re dreaming and thus exert control over the events that happen in their imagination.


  1. Snoring and dreaming don’t mix.

If you’re snoring, it means you aren’t dreaming. Entering REM sleep is a chance for your body to recover and repair any muscle damage, however there are various sleep stages that prep us for dreaming. We have a tendency to recall dreams upon waking from the ‘dreaming sleep’ cycle 4 of REM sleep, where snoring is technically minimized.


  1. You can dream multiple times a night.

Scientists have found you can have four to seven dreams per night. Most of us also dream every 90 minutes, with the longest of your dreams (usually between 30 to 45 minutes) occur in the morning, right before you’re about to wake up.


Dreaming can enhance your creativity and bring about a more open attitude to possibilities in life, which is exactly there’s all the reason to get a good night’s rest with reBloom.

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