5 Dream Symbols and What They’re Telling You

It’s strange to think that while we’re off in a deep slumber every night, our minds power on in full storytelling mode, filling our heads with metaphor-laden dreams that we may or may not remember the next morning. In the event that we do remember our dreams, it’s not uncommon to become fascinated with deciphering their messages. It makes sense, since figuring out what our dreams are telling us is pretty much as cool as being psychic (we’re still holding out hope for the dream that metaphorically reveals the winning Powerball numbers).

Read on for five of the most common dream symbols and their meanings, and learn how to interpret the messages that your mind is sending you when you’re asleep!


It’s safe to say that our sleep-selves are not the most poised versions of ourselves since falling tends to be one of the most prevalent dream symbols that we experience frequently. Metaphorically-speaking, this could mean one of two things.

falling and screaming businessman

On the one hand, falling could symbolize something going wrong in life. Whether that pertains to work, school, money, relationships, or something else, the symbol represents insecurity or anxiety about the situation and a need to make a change. On the other hand, enjoying the feeling of falling could mean that you are embracing some form of change that is coming your way.

Being Chased

Unless the chaser in question is Brad Pitt – this scenario wouldn’t even make sense since who would be running away from him in the first place – there is no feeling as helpless and trapping than unsuccessfully trying to get away from someone chasing you in a dream.

Businessman Running Through Morning Square and Chased by Mafia Boss in Old Car

That being said, the symbolization here isn’t a far stretch, since being chased in a dream basically represents your anxiety and desire to run away from something that’s overwhelming you in real life. More literally, it represents a tendency to try to run away from your problems, and may be a sign that you need to tackle things head on to alleviate your anxiety.


If we could fly in real life, we’d save a ton on airfare. But since we can’t, it’s nice to get a taste of the sensation every now and then in our dreams, even if it has no positive impact on our finances.

Happy business man flying fast on the sky between clouds

Not surprisingly, flying in a dream is often a symbolization of freedom and achievement. It might mean that you feel especially in control of your life and are on the path toward success. At the same time though, flying could also just represent a desire to break free from something that might be holding you back.

Being Late

The best thing about dreaming that you’re late for something is waking up and realizing that it was a false alarm, literally, and that your real alarm isn’t going to pull you away from your bed just yet.

Businessman Running To Catch Bus Stop

But now that you’re up, you can spend the extra time ruminating about the meaning behind the dream, which often symbolizes a fear that you have too much to do and not enough time to accomplish it. It could also represent anxiety about a new decision that you’ve made in life, or a new direction that you are going in.


A bit morbid, but common nevertheless, death in a dream doesn’t necessarily have to mean something negative. In fact, there are those who believe that death in a dream can be a symbol of prosperity, longevity, or of a new beginning.

Tombstones and a chapel in the public cemetery

Conversely, dreaming of your own death can mean that you are under a lot of pressure and are looking for an escape, or it can symbolize the sacrifices you feel you make for others at your own expense. Meanwhile dreaming of someone else’s death can symbolize some resentment towards that person or can simply mean that your relationship with that individual is changing in some way.


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