5 Breakfast Foods to Cure a Hangover

While your morning instinct may be to pop over to your local diner to load up on comfort foods after boozin’ it up the night before, it’s likely that your body is craving – or at least needs – something different.

After a night of heavy drinking, the goal should be to put nutrients back into your body that are diminished by alcohol. You will typically get these from easy to digest, light foods eaten throughout the day that boost your energy level, as opposed to starting your day with a single filling meal lacking in nutrition. Next time you find yourself feeling awful after a night of drinking, try some of these for breakfast to fight off the hangover.

avocado toast on cutting board

1. Avocado on Whole Wheat Toast

One slice of whole wheat bread comes in at just under 130 calories, and is very low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Additionally, whole wheat bread is rich in manganese, a mineral that regulates metabolism and aids in digestion. Manganese is also present in avocados, which means that you get the double the dose when you top off your toast with some avocado mash. The fruit is also rich in vitamin C (another important vitamin in aiding digestion), and is low in saturated fat. And at around 290 calories total for a slice of toast and half an avocado, you can’t really go wrong.

bowl of oatmeal on the table

2. Oatmeal

Our friendly mineral manganese is also highly present in oats, which are a breakfast staple rich in nutrients that we often take for granted. This whole grain is essential in aiding our metabolic processes, and have a high content of vitamin B1, which transforms carbs into energy. The best way to get the most out of your oats is to first submerge them in cold water, then simmer for about 15-30 minutes.

scrambled egg whites with a side of arugula , tomatoes, toast, and oranges

3. Scrambled Egg Whites

This seems like a no-brainer because of how rich egg whites are in protein and how low they are in calories, but were you aware that they also promote a healthy digestive track? Once metabolized, the protein from egg whites are broken down into amino acids that promote good digestion and facilitate an increase in energy. Surprisingly, they are also very rich in potassium, a vital mineral in several bodily functions, including digestion and the transformation of carbs into energy. At just 17 calories per egg, egg whites are best scrambled, or served with a side of the avocado toast.

Fruit bananas to cure hangover

4. Bananas

Speaking of potassium, why not try bananas? Depending on its size, one banana is around 100 calories, and rich in a number of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin c and, of course, potassium. The perfect on-the-go hangover cure bananas also contain pectins, a type of fiber that maintains the rate of digestion in the body. Additionally, metabolized bananas break down into good bacteria in the lower intestine, promoting overall digestive health.

Green fruit and vegetable smoothie

5. Blended Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies

Another great solution, especially if you’re on the move, is to grab a blended fruit and vegetable smoothie to start your day. Here’s an opportunity to pack tons of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into one delicious breakfast blend – just be on the lookout for fruits and veggies that are low in sugar, cholesterol and saturated fats, such as avocados, bananas, pineapples, berries, spinach, and beets, just to name a few.



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