5 Apps That Will Help You Organize Your Life

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Let’s face it, even those of us with the best organizational skills are bound to let something slip through the cracks of our memory. When life becomes downright overwhelming, we could all stand to benefit from a little assistance. In any case, whether it’s to help you remember the little things, to help you make time for the things that matter most, or to create some semblance of order where there is none, these are five of the best apps to help you get organized.


Available for both iOS and Android, Any.do is among the highest ranked productivity apps available. Any.do acts as your personal assistant, allowing you to schedule calls, payments, and duties in advance, all with (just) the tips of your fingers, or via the app’s speech recognition feature. The app also allows you to set reminders and prioritize your objectives on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, you can sync the app across all of your devices to ensure that you never miss a meeting, deadline, or task.


Feedly is perfect for just about any kind of reader. Whether your interests lie in politics, fashion, food, arts & culture, or current events, Feedly grants you access to all of your favorite magazine and media outlets in one app so that you’re never out of touch with the world. You can easily share media across several social platforms within the app, and its save-for-later feature is especially useful when you’re on the go. As an added bonus, the app curates a list of suggestions based on your interests and offers customizable layouts to suit your reading needs. From CNN, to US Weekly, to National Geographic, this all-in-one app makes sure that you’re always in the know – en route or at home – and that you don’t have to constantly jump between various news and media apps to stay that way.


For ladies near and and ladies far, Clue is an app that helps you track your period and stay on top of your reproductive health. Based on the information you provide it daily, Clue predicts your cycle in all of its aspects. That means helping you keep track of when you you’ll be ovulating, experiencing PMS, and menstruating. It keeps track of these dates and sends helpful reminders throughout each cycle. This means that you will know exactly what to expect (and when) so that you can prepare accordingly. And perhaps the most intuitive feature of the app is that, after the pass of three cycles, Clue emails you some insights into your reproductive health, offering a slew of information you should know based on what’s normal for your age range and where you fall on the spectrum.


MyFitnessPal allows you to set realistic fitness and nutritional goals. The app acts as your food and exercise diary, and with the information you offer, will provide you with a timeline by which you’re likely to achieve your goals. It also helps you stay on track with daily reminders while measuring your progress. Other features of the app include weekly and monthly challenges to follow, and a fitness class finder that’s based on your location. Your wellness journey starts here. With MyFitnessPal, you can be organized and pragmatic in your approach to your health.

Sleep Cycle

Available on iOS, Sleep Cycle tracks your sleeping habits while you snooze. After a few nights of tracking your slumber, the app provides you with a detailed overview of the way you sleep – that which includes when you tossed and turned the most over the course of the night, and its predictions for when you entered and exited the REM stage of sleep. It then offers suggestions for when you should be going to bed and waking up in the morning, and even acts as a customizable alarm clock, allowing you to be awoken to gentle tones or the sound of your favorite song, for a markedly pleasant start to your day. If you didn’t already know, the secret to a fruitful life is a good night’s sleep. Sleep Cycle can provide insight into your sleep patterns, aiding you in maintaining a proper sleep schedule, and ultimately, an organized and productive lifestyle.

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