4 Tips to Make Getting Some Sleep in the Car a (Drive) in the Park


Falling asleep in the car, for some, can be something of a given. The monotony, the comfort, the “white noise” effect of the engine and tires on the pavement – these are all factors that can contribute to some people’s ability to knock out almost instantly in a car. But for others, trying to get a bit of shut eye on long car rides can feel slightly more hopeless, no matter how tired they are. If you find yourself falling into the latter category and hoping to get on the level of those in the former, give these tricks a try next time you’re lounging in the backseat or riding shotgun.

1. Wear the right clothes.

Falling asleep in the car isn’t too different than falling asleep in your bed when it comes to wardrobe. Like all nights, the more comfortable your ensemble, the better suited for quality sleep. Wear something loose like sweatpants and a t-shirt, and loosen up the laces on your shoes to help you feel a little more at ease.

2. Wear a sleep mask.

If you’re on a road trip or other long journey in the car where you’re rotating sleep and driving schedules, for example, chances are that you might be trying to get to sleep while the sun is out. Keep the brightness from getting in your way by bringing along a sleep mask that can block out the light from the sun and make you feel like you are in a more naturally sleep-conducive setting.

3. Create a sleep playlist.

While the white noise effect of the car can work for some people to help them doze off, it can do the complete opposite for others. Add to that the occasional chatter of car companions or of traffic sounds, and it can be tough to get any rest. You can block out unwanted or disruptive noises by bringing along a pair of earbuds, or, for an even better option, by creating a sleep playlist on your phone to listen to on the road. Whether this playlist includes slow songs and relaxing melodies or basic sleep sounds – think rain and crashing waves – it’s totally up to your preference.

boy sleeping in car

4. Find the right position.

Falling asleep while sitting up straight isn’t always the easiest, mostly because it prevents your muscles from relaxing the way that they need to in order to send your body off into a deep slumber. To save muscles in your neck and back the trouble of trying to keep you up right, try to find a position where you can lean over onto something, like the window, so that you can completely release your muscles. Leaning your seat back is also a great option since it puts your body in a position that is a little closer to its natural sleep state. If you’re in the backseat of the car and stuck right in the middle, you can also try for a neck or other travel pillow which is meant to making getting some shut eye en route a bit easier.


Despite your finest efforts, sometimes it’s hard to finish off a long journey feeling well-rested and relaxed. Get your sleep back on track by trying some reBloom to help you doze off once you’re back home, and see how quickly it is to feel rejuvenated again after some less than ideal attempts to get some shut eye in the car!

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