4 Subscription Boxes for When You’re in Need of Some Serious Self-Care

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It’s easy, in this day and age, to get caught up in our busy lives and schedules and forget to take time to ourselves in the process. But when our schedules are packed to the point that we lose sight of self-care, that’s arguably the time when we need self-care the most. Luckily, there are a number of subscription boxes on the market that can help ensure that you’ve always got essential self-care tools on hand. Here, we offer up a few of our absolute favorites.


Packed with research-backed therapeutic products to help you kick stress to the curb, TheraBox brands itself as a subscription box that basically offers up happiness in a box. Each month, you get 5-7 self-care products – think natural bath salts or soy candles – and one activity or project meant to help you boost your mood, like journaling or different brain-training exercises.

Little Zen Box$39

We’re all about having the tools we need to be zen right in the palms of our hands every month, and with this box from Little Magic Shop, reaching a point of internal peace and balance has never really been easier. Each month, Little Zen Box delivers calm-promoting tools and products like herbal tea blends and essential oils to help you relax and overcome life’s biggest stressors.

Bath and Bevy, $33

Nothing says relaxation quite like a nice, soothing bath at the end of a long day. And if baths haven’t exactly been a part of your nightly routine as of late, this monthly box aims to change that. Each delivery comes with bath salts and bath bombs, body scrubs, body butter, candles, etc. It’s safe to say, your nights are about to get a lot better.


With quarterly boxes meant to coincide with the seasons, Merkaela is the perfect subscription box to make sure that you’ve got all your essential self-care and meditation tools for every time of the year. And with two purchase options – a regular and a vegan option – Merkaela makes sure that all subscribers can be confident about the products they receive year-round.


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