4 Simple Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Whether you do it out of habit or out of fear of branching out from the norm, living your life within the confines of your comfort zone is hardly a rarity. Unfortunately, when you fail to try new things and change up your routine from time to time, it’s easy to find yourself feeling stuck and stagnant as a result. The trick to breaking out of your comfort zone, though, can be as easy as changing up small things that you do every day, a little trick that can help prevent you from feeling like you’re not growing as a person. To start out, try one of these super simple tips on changing things up and breaking out of your comfortable routine.

book on bed

Read a new book every month.

This kind of sounds like the stuff of New Year’s resolutions, but when you’re looking to put your comfort zone behind you, it’s a worthy goal that you can start aiming for at any point in the year. Why? Because when you read a new book every month – whether you’re reading a pick off the fiction bestseller list, a guide to entrepreneurship, or a political piece – you are exposing yourself to new vocabulary, new information, and new ideas. And the more you build on each of those things, the more excited you’re likely to become about continuing to venture outside of what you already know to learn more and expose yourself to new perspectives.


Try out a new recipe for dinner.

When things get really hectic, it’s easy to get used to fast meal options, whether that means heating up a quick frozen dinner at the end of a long day or just picking up some takeout on your way home from work. But even if you’re feeling a bit tired by the time your day is winding down, it’s worth it to take the time to cook something fresh for yourself for dinner. On the one hand, trying out a new recipe will help you hone your skills in the kitchen (never a bad thing), and on the other, you’ll be able to enjoy something that’s different from your usual go-to picks. Plus, you can always use your weekends to do some ingredient prep ahead of time, which can help to speed up the cooking process at the end of a weeknight.

Young, sporty girl Punching A Bag With Boxing Gloves On

Try a new workout class.

Everybody understands how hard it can be to squeeze gym time into a buys schedule, so when you finally do manage to work in a workout, it’s normal to go for something your used to. But trying something different can be the perfect way to push yourself out of your comfort zone and get your body in even better shape by working it out in a new way. Are you a fan of the treadmill? Skip the run this morning and try that cycling class instead. Fan of kickboxing ? Why not go for a barre or Zumba class? Whatever you’re used to doing, the idea is to pick something that’s kind of on the other end of the fitness spectrum to help put your body through something different than it’s used to.

Girl using phone at coffee shop while drinking iced coffee and with sunglasses on table.

Try no-tech Sunday.

In this day and age, to suggest going a day without phones, computers, and other gadgets is kind of preposterous. But disconnecting for a bit can be a great way to force yourself to pull back from the tech that has come to consume all of us. And in pulling away, you give yourself a good opportunity to make time for other activities, like reading, cleaning, crafting – whatever works for you. You can even us the day to just take things a little slower than usual and to be alone with your thoughts, away from the distractions that have come to be a kind of comfort source, in a sense.


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