4 Reasons You Should Always Want Fresh Flowers in Your Home

vase and flowers interior

When spring and summer roll around, one of the biggest things to look forward to is the fresh blooms that start popping up left and right. But aside from adding some color to your garden or freshening up your walk to work, new blooms have been proven time and time again to have amazing benefits, in all facets you can imagine, and it shouldn’t be hard to guess why. But in case you need convincing, here are the facts: fresh flowers, in addition to acting as beautiful décor, are certified mood boosters, inspirational accents, and productivity boosters. It’s time to wake up and smell the roses; here are a few reasons why you should consider keeping fresh flowers in your home at all times.

They’re Beautiful, Simple Decor

Flowers are a simple, elegant and inexpensive way to decorate your home, and can easily take a room from dull and depressing to bright and warm. And because they’re so versatile, you can pretty much use them as decor in any capacity, whether they’re in a vase, pressed or hanging from your walls. The color and type combinations make your possibilities for decoration nearly endless!

They Can Improve Mood

Flowers are known mood boosters, known for inspiring feelings of tranquility, positivity and happiness through their sheer beauty and brilliance — and there’s an actual science behind this. In a study done with surgical patients, some whom had fresh flowers placed in their room post-op and others who didn’t, the former reported a more overwhelmingly positive experience in recovery than the latter, thus leading to the conclusion that fresh flowers tend to have a therapeutic effect on temperament.

They Can Foster Creativity

Fresh flowers can be downright inspiring in any capacity. Whether you’re a writer, artist, project leader at your company, or just on a quest for your next big idea, being in the presence of fresh flowers is sure to inspire you and get your creativity flowing. Perhaps it’s something about their natural, effortless beauty that makes them so inspiring, or, at the very least, brings out the best from within. In any case, keeping them at home is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

They Can Promote Productivity 

If fresh flowers are a mood booster, what wonders can they do for your productivity? Consider it a domino effect: If you’re feeling more positive, and the beauty of the flowers inspire boundless creativity, you’re more likely to follow through on your ideas. 

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