10 Packing Hacks to Maximize Your Carry-On

Trying to shove as many things as possible into your carry-on so you don’t have to pay any extra fees to check a bag is both a hassle and an art. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize your minimum!

packing hacks for your carry-on1. Roll your clothes. 

By rolling your clothes, you are shrinking the amount of space the clothes would otherwise take. They become more stackable and allow more room for other items.

2. Wear your heaviest clothes and shoes while traveling.

Wearing the heavy stuff will lighten the load you have to carry. Plus, a heavy coat can double as a blanket and even a pillow while traveling!

3. Three tops to every bottom.

Bottoms can be reused throughout the week. So if you are bringing your favorite pair of jeans with you, pack three different top options, then you have three different outfits. Jeans can easily be dressed up or down with the right shoes and top!

4. Use a glasses case to store device cords.

This may sound a bit silly but it works! Wrapping up your device cords and storing them in your glasses case not only takes up less space, but also prevents the cords from tangling up.

5. Use medicine containers for jewelry.

This is one of the best ways to prevent you from losing jewelry. By putting your jewelry in small pill containers, you are saving yourself from the hassle of searching through a plastic bag and tangled necklaces.

6. Stack your bras and stuff your underwear within them.

Stacking your bras not only saves space, but also protects them from being damaged. Once stacking the bras up, you can fold your underwear and put them inside of the cups.

7. Put products and valuables within socks, and then insert them into your shoes.

Shoes can act as bodyguards in your luggage. By putting breakables inside of your socks and then within your shoes, it is double the protection with less of the space hogging.

8. Reuse an old Tic Tac container as a tiny storage unit for hairpins.

Reusing old Tic Tac containers as hairpin holders is the perfect and easiest way to prevent yourself from losing all of your pins and makes them easy to access.

9. On a short trip? Use empty contact cases to carry small amounts of makeup.

Instead of packing an entire bottle of foundation, squeeze however much you’ll need for your trip into a contact lenses case.

10. When packing your clothes, make sure they are inside out.

Putting your clothes inside out not only saves them from any possible stains that may occur during your travels, but also can prevent wrinkles!

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