10 Careers That Have Become Crazy Popular in the Last Decade

The world changes minutely from one minute to the next, and while these changes may not seem drastic, in ten years time, you may look back and wonder where the time went and how everything around you became so different. In the last decade alone, cultural, environmental, and technological shifts have made the world substantially different now from what it was ten years ago. And of all the changes that have come with the time, one of the most noticeably radical shifts has been the changes that have occurred in the job market. As a result of many factors, here are some of the most in-demand careers of the last ten years.

1. UX Designer

What to Know: If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that the rapid technological advancement we’ve seen over the last decade has completely transformed the landscape of the job market. That said, one of the most prominent careers on the rise is that of the UX designer, or user experience designer. At its core, UX designing is equal parts graphic design and determining user experience. In the technological age, the user is a new, and very unique kind of consumer, and a lot of what goes into this job is innovating aesthetics that have the highest chance of appealing to him or her. Whether this means designing a new user interface for efficiency and allure, or researching designs and layouts that have succeeded or failed and trying to understand why, the UX designer’s primary concern is you, the user.

Salary: UX designers typically have a starting salary of $65,000 a year — commensurate with experience, of course.

2. Bilingual Educator

What to Know: As the world becomes more populated and culturally diverse, the last ten years have seen a need for the increase of bilingual educators in classrooms. These educators have the capacity to teach children core subjects in their native languages while teaching English as a second language, allowing opportunities for academic growth that would have otherwise been unavailable in an English-only classroom.

Salary: Because of the increase in demand, bilingual educators, on average, can expect to earn up to $5,000 more than the average primary education teacher.

3. Freelancer for an Online Publication

What to Know: The world wide web has grown exponentially over the last decade. And while that reality has significantly cut down the popularity of print publications, it has simultaneously allowed for a demand in digital media. With web-based publications on the rise left and right (or left click and right click, if you will), the need for web writers and multimedia producers has gone up tremendously.

Salary: While most publication rates vary, freelancers can expect a lump sum, depending on the length of each piece, and being a skilled wordsmith is the only qualification necessary.

4. Social Media Manager

What to Know: Social media has become a fundamental aspect of marketing in the last decade, and has become a way for companies to build their brands and reach their ideal consumers. Although the role of social media manager was nonexistent ten years ago, it has rather rapidly become paramount to the success of nearly every organization in existence today. A brand’s social media manager is essentially responsible for the way that that brand is perceived to hundreds of thousands of people across channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, making the position crucial to a company’s overall longevity and success.

Salary: Social media managers can expect to earn anywhere from $45,000 to upwards $60,000 per year — depending on the brand they represent, of course.

5. App Developer

What to Know: Mobile apps have added a level of simplicity and convenience to our lives that it’s hard to remember having done without several years ago. Application developers, like UX designers and social media managers, are a fortunate consequence of today’s world. Many brands rely on their app developers to establish applications for their users, often working with other developers, software engineers, UX designers, and IT professionals to see that the brand’s application needs are met.

Salary: This incredibly in-demand career can net you anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

6. Education Consultant

What to Know: The demand for educational consultants has gone up thanks to how competitive the job market and academic institutions alike have become over the last decade. While such consultants typically work on high school and college campuses to advise students, some are privately contracted in order to ensure that a specific student is exploring all of his or her opportunities and has the best chance possible of getting into the institution or job field of his or her choice. In most cases, an educational consultant will also have connections in the student’s intended field and will use their network to the student’s advantage.

Salary: Experienced educational consultants working in densely populated areas can earn upwards of $80,000 per year.

7. Technical Writer

What to Know: Remember the instruction manual that came with your daughter’s new bicycle, or the one that came with those new cabinets you got for your kitchen upgrade? These kinds of documents that make our lives easier (but that we often take for granted) are written by technical writers. Technical writers turn complex thoughts or ideas into simple, actionable terms that we can easily understand.  And it doesn’t stop at instruction manuals. Technical writers, are, in essence, communicators, that help gather and communicate information and make it more palatable to consumers. In a more general sense, they may be thought of as copy writers.

Salary: Technical writers earn a starting salary of $50,000+ per year.

8. Manager of User Experience

What to Know: The manager of user experience oversees a team of UX designers to ensure that the needs of consumers are being fully met in a world where the customer is always right. As you can probably imagine, this position is as (if not more) central to the success of a company than that of a sole UX designer.

Salary: The starting salary for this position is upwards $140,000 per year.

9. Registered Dietitian

What to Know: In the age of diet fads and get-thin-quick schemes, many people seek out the aid of registered dietitians in their quest to get healthier, since these pros specialize in creating nutritional diets based on their clients’ individual wants and needs. While registered dietitians worked primarily out of medical institutions in the past, the last decade has seen a broadening of horizons. Tools like social media have allowed registered dietitians to build their individual brands in an effort to reach their prospective clients.

Salary: On average, registered dietitians earn $54,000 per year.

10. SEO Specialist

What to Know: The primary goal of a Search Engine Optimization specialist is to drive traffic to the website of his or her brand. Employing as many techniques as necessary, an SEO specialist may work closely with the company’s marketing team and social media manager to discover what attracts users and further integrate those elements onto the company’s website and implement them to draw users to the company’s brand.

Salary: Because companies are constantly trying to get a leg up on what’s trending, the demand for SEO specialists is incredibly high. Salaries for this position start in the range of $50,000 per year, depending on location.

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